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Baby Einstein Baby Mozart CD - Baby Music

Baby Mozart CD - Baby Music
Music To Stimulate Your Baby's Brain!

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A 15-track, 28-minute all-Mozart program.

Program notes
Classical music stands as a hallmark of human creativity and ingenuity. Studies have shown a relationship between listening to classical music and the development of spatial intelligence, reasoning and other cognitive skills. The Baby Einstein Company has created a series of titles designed to introduce your baby to the wonders of classical music. Engaging and familiar themes by the Masters have been re-orchestrated into baby friendly concerts.

What better way to discover the Baroque Period (1600 - 1750) than through the complex, highly mathematical music of Johann Sebastian Bach? Baby Bach is musical excursion through some of Bach's most memorable compositions.

The Classical Period (1750 -1830) is brought to life with the brilliance and elegance of Wolfgang Mozart. Baby Mozart samples the incredible genius of the child prodigy from Salzburg.

Ludwig van Beethoven towered over the Late Classical Period and created the foundation for the Romantic Period (1830 - 1900). Baby Beethoven traces the range of history's most famous musician.

Baby Mozart Studies have shown that listening to Mozart's music can affect verbal ability, spatial intelligence, creativity, intuition and memory. Baby Mozart was designed to be a gentle, playful introduction for infants to Mozart's music. All of the musical pieces featured on Baby Mozart were composed by Wolfgang Mozart in the 18th century. Bill Weisbach, the musician and dad who produced the Baby Mozart soundtrack, arranged several familiar compositions into a charming concert for young listeners and adults alike. He used a variety of musical instruments that were unavailable to Mozart, including vibraphone, celeste, Rhodes electric piano, glockenspiel, marimbas, finger cymbals and music box.

Some research suggests that a relationship exists between exposure to Mozart's music and increases in spatial reasoning abilities and intelligence, a phenomenon dubbed "The Mozart Effect." In general, listening to classical music has been shown to affect health in positive ways. It can increase endorphin levels, boost the immune function, regulate stress-related hormones, strengthen memory and improve coordination.

Music featured on Baby Mozart:

  • Tune up and fanfare based on themes from "The Magic Flute"
  • Piano Sonata in C, K545, 1st movement
  • Piano Sonata in C, K330, 1st movement
  • Variations on "Ah vous dirai-je, maman", no.1, 8 and 11, K265/300e
  • Piano Sonata in D, K576, 3rd movement
  • Concerto for Flute and Harp in C, K299, 1st movement
  • Piano Sonata in A, K331, 3rd movement
  • Piano Sonata in C, K545, 2nd movement
  • Sonata in D for Two Pianos, K448, 1st movement
  • Piano Sonata in C, K330, 3rd movement
  • Divertmento No. 17 in D
  • Piano Sonata in B flat, K570, 3rd movement
  • Piano Sonata in F, K533, 3rd movement
  • The Magic Flute, K620, Papageno Arias No. 2 and 20
  • Symphony No. 41 in C, K551, 4th movement
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