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Wonder Wheel from Tiny Love
Wonder Wheel from Tiny LoveWonder Wheel from Tiny Love

Wonder Wheel from Tiny Love

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The Wonder Wheel from Tiny Love offers a multi-sensory play experience with a fascinating farm theme, including large, familiar and brightly faced farm animals inviting the toddler to look at them over and over again. These same animals appear on the wheel as well, encouraging her to gaze at them there as well. In addition, the animals on the farm panel light up when the corresponding button on the wheel is pressed. When a tune is played the light moves from one animal to another encouraging the toddler to follow with her eyes, stimulating sight. The farm panel also makes animal sounds and plays a popular happy tune, encouraging development of hearing Different materials (the wheel is made of bumpy plastic and cloth) and push buttons encouraging the toddler to feel and press, developing the sense of touch.

Fine Motor Skills The toddler holds the wheel with one hand and presses buttons with the other. This develops motor control. In addition, she improves hand-eye coordination when she imitates driving actions and holds the wheel with both hands while turning it left and right.

Cognition The Wonder Wheel develops cognition when the toddler learns to connect her actions (pressing the picture on the wheel) to the reaction (sounds and tunes). Gradually she learns to expect the reaction she will receive so she presses a series of buttons in order to get a series of sounds. The Wonder Wheel also contributes to the development of imagination by encouraging her to imitate her parents driving the car by turning the wheel, as she “driving” as well.

Language and Communication The Wonder Wheel contributes to the development of language by familiarizing the toddler with farm animals and the sounds they make.

12-36m The Wonder Wheel stimulates and develops the senses (sight, hearing and touch) with brightly colored images and flashing lights (sight); popular tunes and animal and other sounds (hearing); and various textures including bumpy plastic, cloth and push buttons (touch). The Wonder Wheel develops your toddler’s fine motor skills when she presses the various animals on the wheel with one finger. Cognition, in the form of cause & effect is developed when she learns about the connection between pressing the buttons on the wheel (cause) and the amusing reaction -- noise, animal sounds, tunes and flashing lights that result on the farm panel (effect). The Wonder Wheel also helps develop imagination by encouraging imitation -- when you are driving, so is she, and contributes to the development of speech as she gets to know the names of the various animals and the sounds that they make.
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